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Safecracker Registration

Front-end member management made easy

One of the biggest weaknesses to ExpressionEngine is the default Member module. Right out of the box it makes a lot of assumptions as to how it will be used, apposed the very versatile Channel module. There are existing add-ons that bring member registration into channel and channel fields, but they too have their drawbacks – mainly price.

Paying $60 (USD) for the something that should be included by default seems unreasonable for 90% of the sites we work with. Of course if your site is centered around members, a $60 fee is a small price to pay, but for every site that needs a simple front-end membership form? Well it just so happens we disagree.

The solution to the problem is Safecracker Registration. Use the native Safecracker module and syntax you already know and love to create the best registration forms with your favorite fieldtypes.

Why build something completely new when the existing tools are almost capable of doing it in the first place?

Live Example


SafeCracker Registration is an extension to Safecracker, so all the perquisites to Safecracker apply.


Uploading the files
Copy the safecracker_registration module directory to your /system/expressionengine/third_party/ directory.
Choose Install for the Module

Once SafeCracker Registration has been installed, you can use it immediate using with Safecracker tags. Refer to the documentation for more information.

Setting up the Channel

Channel Fields
Create your Channel Fields for your Member profiles if you haven't already so. Create your channel fields just like any other.
Creating the Channel
Create your channel and assign any desired categories, status group, and your newly created field group to the channel.
Enable Member Registrations

You must enable member registration and set up your desired preferences.

Member Settings

Member Posting Privileges

You must ensure the Member group you are registering has the ability to post in the Member channel. Go to Members > Member Groups > Edit Group and assign the channel to the member.

Member Privileges

Configuring Safecracker

Since you are using Safecracker as a registration form (at least in this case), you must allow it to accept data from guests. Go to Add-ons > Modules > Safecracker and find your Member channel, and assign a member as a guest. It is recommended you create a new member named Anonymous.

Safecracker Setup