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Objective HTML

Google Maps for ExpressionEngine

The complete geolocation and mapping toolkit


  • Maps & Markers

    Adding markers to the map has never been easier using the Google Maps fieldtype and template tags. No PHP or JavaScript necessary.

    Maps & Markers
  • Current Location

    Displaying the user's location is easier than ever with v3.2. You can now fetch the user's locations using GPS and reverse IP lookups as a fallback. The location is updated anytime the user changes location or even GPS accuracy.

    Maps & Markers
  • Street View Panoramas

    Incorporating street view panoramas can take a lot of time and cost clients a lot of money. Say yes to clients and still turn a profit.

    Street View Panoramas
  • Routes & Directions

    Incorporating routes and directions has never been easier. No longer do you have to redirect your users to Google to display a simple route and directions.

    Routes & Directions
  • Regions

    Use the Google Maps Fieldtype to create complex shapes with custom colors and styles using drag and drop controls saving you literally weeks of development.

  • Custom Map Styles

    Completely change the look and feel of maps to match your brand using the Google Map Styling Wizard. The end result can be totally unique.

    Custom Info Window
  • Custom Info Windows

    Get full control over your window CSS and eliminate the typical hassles that come with using Google's standard InfoWindows.

    Custom Info Window
  • Marker Clusters

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine has the ability to group your markers together in clusters. This makes plotting maps with larger datasets extremely easy and very clean for the end user.

    Marker Clusters
  • World Borders

    Typically, plotting specific country borders can be a challenge and very time consuming. Now, with a simple tag, you can plot the border of any country and display it asynchronously to ensure faster page loads.

    Maps & Markers
  • Import Utility

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine has a built in utility used to convert a .csv into channel entries in addition to getting geocoded. Any number of data schemas are support, and the utility is highly configurable to just about any dataset. The import can be monitored, start, and stopped in real-time. Records that geocode with errors are logged so you can reconcile later.

    Import Utility
  • CRON Importing

    In v3.2 you now have the ability to use the import utility with CRON. No longer do you have to force users to geocode large .CSV's with their browsers open. Import your data and configure a cron request to ping a specific URL. You even have full control of query throttling to maximize peformance on your specific server.

  • Geocoding with Yahoo Boss!

    Obviously Google Maps API is the star, but there are instances when their pricing model doesn't fit with smaller clients. Geocoding is a premium service and importing huge datasets can be costly and timecoming if you constantly trip the geocoding limit. With Yahoo, you can pay a reasonable fee to geocode your importer requests. Note, Yahoo's geocoding service can only be used for importing.

  • Geocoding

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine's poweful Geocoder is really all you ever need. No need to use another add-ons for geocoding. If the default geocoding doesn't do exactly what you need, the API is a always available to give you the leverage you need.

  • Static Maps

    Creating static (non-interactive) maps has never been easier. Using a single template tag, you have access to the entire Static Map API. Maps are caches and atomically managed locally. Once maps expire from the maps, they will be replaced with a new one.

  • Updated Map UI

    At Google IO13, a new version of Google Maps was introduced which included new animations, better map tiles, responsiveness, and retina support. These are some great new things and are immediately available within Google Maps for ExpressionEngine. (v3.3+)

  • Matrix

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine fieldtype now works as a matrix celltype. Easily add maps to your matrix cells. You can even add multiple markers for each Matrix cell. (v3.3+)

    Matrix on Devot:ee

  • Low Variables

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine fieldtype also works as a variable type within Low Variables. No longer is the fieldtype confined to channel entries. (v3.3+)

    Low Variables on Devot:ee

  • Safecracker

    The Fieldtype is fully compatible with Safecracker. You can even take it a step further and write your own plugins to extend the fieldtype to do pretty much anything you want, all within Safecracker or the Control Panel. Plugins can be also activated exclusively for Safecracker to give a very unique experience.

  • Store Finder

    Create interactive and custom store finders with incredible ease. The template tags have a very simple syntax similar to Safecracker for familiarity. Search custom fields with minimum, maximum, like, and exact value.

  • Search Multiple Locations

    If an entry has mutliple coordinates assigned to a single entry(for origin and desination for example), you can search against them both with a single request. This feature is great for searching entries with an origin and a destination associated with it.

  • Directions Forms

    Don't redirect your users aways to Google's map page for direction anymore. Create custom direct forms with just a couple lines of code. Plot the route on a map and output the instructions as HTML.

  • Response Caching

    A great feature to Google Maps for ExpressionEngine is the cache. Google has strict API limits and premium service is very expensive so every effort is made to minimize requests by caching everything. You'll appreciate it later.

  • Support

    When you buy a copy of Google Maps for ExpressionEngine you also get professional level support. We offer fast response times and can assist you should you need help. Don't hesitate to contact support@objectivehtml.com.

  • Award Winning

    Google Maps for ExpressionEngine won 2011 Fieldtype of Year and has proven to be a leading utility for geolocation and creating maps. Version 3 takes everything to next level offering what is absolutely the most comprehensive mapping toolkit for ExpressionEngine (or any CMS).

  • Developer API

    With three different API's, developers can customize anything to fit the client's individual needs. Write plugins to extend the Fieldtype using jQuery and JavaScript.

The examples on this pages are static images due to Google cache and API limitations. At high values of traffic, and with so many maps displayed on the same page, some maps would not render correctly. To ensure everyone gets the same experience, images were taken and the live examples were removed (unfortunately).